Getting to Moondance from Lynchburg.

Take either Thomas Jefferson Road or 460 to the Va 460 - 811(New London Road) Intersection.  Just past the golf course on 811 the road forks - take the right hand fork (709).

709 tees into 24 take the right hand turn onto 24.  There will be a fork onto a small spur (707) to the left. Take for about a mile then turn left onto 43.  About 2 miles later take a right onto 626. 

 Stay on 626  for about 8 miles until you reach an intersection just beyond White House Country Store.  Take the left fork onto 608 (Toler’s Ferry Road).  About 3 miles down 608 you will turn left onto 740 (Patmos Church Road).  If you see an immense very ugly house on your left you’ve gone too far.

 Proceed down Patmos Church Road watching for dogs, cows, horses, deer and speed bumps.  Moondance (2400) will be off to your left.